Toothpastes & Rinses

Truth be told….”DRY BRUSHING” is very effective in reducing plaque ‘biofilm’ from your teeth.  Toothpaste isn’t really required as it actually is the mechanical action of the toothbrush bristles that removes the plaque (bacteria) from our teeth.  After a thorough 2-minute brushing, you can add toothpaste for a final go around for a fresh breath taste or as a medicament.
Often clients ask if they should rinse before we brush or vice versa.  It depends on the products that are recommended for you. We explain your home care regime to you at the end of your appointment with our product recommendations.
We recommend and stock some products that are made with natural ingredients that are SLS, gluten, and fluoride free. Xylitol has been scientifically proven to help reduce the risk of cavities and is the best for children in reducing cavities. Below are some of the products we carry: