Teeth Whitening

We have 4 Teeth Whitening options at our clinic:

1.  Mover1 hour session + Take Home Kit

This package is for someone wanting to achieve a whiter smile that is darker than S12.  This package allows for 4 x 15 minute and a Deluxe Take Home kit. (90 mintue appointment)

2. Refresh – 1 hour session

This package is for someone that wants to touch-up their smile that is S12 or lighter.  This package is for 3 or 4 x 10-15 minute sessions. Does NOT include the Take Home Kit. (60 minute appointment)

3.  Touch Up –30 minute session

This package is for someone that has whitened before in last 12 months and just needs a touch-up. Two x 10-15 minute sessions.  (45 minute appointment)

4. White-4-Life Program“FREE” Take Home Kit

This is a free service for our customers that have had one of our whitening session and keep their 6 month recall visits.  The kit comes with 1 syringe and whitening tray. Good for 3-night treatments.

  • Little or no sensitivity
  • Available in Peroxide gel OR All Natural Zero Peroxide gel. YOU CHOOSE!!

Note: Teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 13 or while pregnant or breast feeding.

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