Teeth Whitening

We have 4 Teeth Whitening options at our clinic (Peroxide based or ALL Natural Zero Peroxide):

1.  Extreme – 2 hour session
This package is for someone wanting to achieve the whitest possible teeth without the sensitivity. This includes not ONLY the 2 hour laser whitening treatment, but a take home kit you use for 7-14 days you keep using to continue the whitening process.

2. Mover – 2 hour session

This package is for someone wanting to achieve a whiter smile without the inconvenience of home trays. This package includes the Whitening Extender Pen for touch ups as needed.

3. Refresh – 1 hour session

This package is for the experienced whitener who just wants to refresh their smile. This package does NOT included the Whitening Extender Pen, but you can purchase it separately.

4. White-4-Life Program – 30 minute session

This is a free service for our customers that have had one of our whitening session and keep their 6 month recall visits.


  • Fast and effective
  • Little or no sensitivity
  • Available in Peroxide gel OR All Natural Zero Peroxide gel. YOU CHOOSE!!


  • Take home – Whitening pen
  • Lip gloss – special formulation of blue undertones making you teeth look whiter!
  • Infinity lip balm – helps to achieve long lasting wear of lip gloss
  • Tooth gloss – For red wine or coffee drinkers to apply before use to help repel staining

Note: Teeth whitening is not recommended for children under 13 or while pregnant or breast feeding.

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