Holistic Care

Our practice is built on holistic care. In holistic medicine it requires taking responsibility for maintaining all aspects of our well-being. In homeopathy our thoughts, beliefs and feelings affect the body by activating a biochemical reaction. At the oral health level we incorporate aspects of homeopathic remedies, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health and body health in relation to dental hygiene treatment.

These are the courses we have take so far to incorporate treatment modalities to Biological Holistic Approach to Oral Health Care:

  • Biological Dental Hygiene Course
  • Dental Homeopathy, Beginner level
  • Ozone For Dentistry Course
  • Laser Therapy, Soft Tissue Diode Course
  • Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) Seminar
  • Electroacupunture according to Voll EAV,  Beginner Course
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