I would like to apologize and explain to the public and the College of Dental Hygienists of Alberta (CRDHA) of the posting I did last week for the FREE Ozone nasal insufflations. It was NOT Marissa’s or my intent to infer that Ozone nasal insufflation kills COVID-19! We just felt it BEST to ADD this to the extra precautions sent out by the CRDHA to keep ourselves and our clients safe. We do take DO NO HARM seriously and thought it best to add this as an extra preventive measure. A few days later the CRDHA recommended STOP all non-essential services to help prevent the spread. Covid19-DH_recommends from CDHA

Unfortunately, we have had to close services due the COVID-19 pandemic for at least 2 weeks to help flatten the curve. Unfortunately, we do not know IF or WHEN we will be able to re-open IF the public does not maintain physical distancing to help STOP the SPREAD.

Marissa and I along with Jaime and Amy our part-time receptionists thank all of our clients for your continued support of our services.

I have attached a video that our college sent us to watch along with helpful resources about the Virus and Care of Sick.

Facts we know about Covid-19

What you need to Know about Covid-19

Safety precautions at Home

What to DO if you are Sick

How to make your own facemask

How to make you own Hand Sanitizer

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