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Dental Hygiene Holistic Care and Mobile Service

A creek springs from a system of passage ways where rain water an snowmelt seep into tiny cracks and fissures whereby water finds an outlet to flow underground.  This system of underground passages is called "Karst". This can be likened to the oral systemic link where the bacteria in our mouths seep into the bloodstream and travel to other areas in the body.
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Our practice is built on holistic care.  In holistic medicine it requires taking responsibility for maintaining all aspects of our well-being. We take into consideration the 'whole' persons needs, due to evidence accumulating linking oral health to one's overall health. It is our endeavor to provide education and comprehensive client-focused care in order to help YOU maintain your overall health.

Our Mission

We aim to increase awareness of the oral systemic link by educating the public in order to promote optimal oral and overall health. Our client-focused approach provides a warm caring atmosphere dedicated to quality compassionate care. 

Product Choices

Many of us are concerned about the ingredients in products we use and consume. At our clinic we offer you choices based on your health considerations and beliefs. We offer natural oral health products to help maintain your oral health that are fluoride, SLS and gluten free.

Whatever your focus, we are here to help you achieve optimal oral health and promote overall health.


Ways to Connect

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